29 January 2009

Strange, yet enlightening.

A silo or a ballistic missile?

I can see for miles and miles,...

I had a rather... interesting trip home from Ada, OH the other day.  While home in Mich, it only snowed about 2 or 3 inches, the center of Ohio seemed to get more around, oh, lets say -- seven.  So of course, having to drive home was going to be fun, and I knew it would be good when it started upon the backing out of a driveway.

When you're trying to carefully navigate your toboggan-like vehicle out of a very curvy and blind driveway (that happens to be solid ice,) you can become mildly anxious.  When you round the corner and see another car coming up it, you can become slightly enraged.  And after you pull back forward, let them park, re-navigate the corner, and try to make your way onto the road only to nearly be hit by an idiot on a snowmobile, you become, well... pissed.

Then comes a silo.  Or something to that extent, I'm not entirely sure what I was driving behind for 10 miles, but it looks like a silo... if you sorta squint and move your head to the right.  Fun times were had by all -- at 45 mph.

So onto 75N.  What else can happen, right?  Well, when you're cruising at 65 and you slam on the breaks (almost beginning to override the ABS, which I despise so much) at the wall 'o semi's ahead of you, you begin to wonder just that.  Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with this section of I-75 that I call the Pioneer Sugar Curve, let me say it's about 6 miles long, encompasses all of the Findlay exits and is quite fun to drive on a normal day.

Well -- I spent 1.5 hours traveling this 6-mile stretch.

Though I did find out what happened.  Imagine if you will a section of clear expressway near an on-ramp.  Then imagine sitting at the bottom of said on-ramp a large flat-bed wrecker with a heap of what appears to be twisted, white steel.  Then imagine recognizing that heap as the remains of a semi-trailer cab that has somehow been accordion-ed into having the passenger and driver side doors touching one another.  Then imagine (aside from the many police, fire, and ambulance vehicles) two more semis laying on their sides in extremely deep ditches and assumedly the trailer to the former semi with a nice wrecking-ball sized dent in the top.

I slowed down to 60 for the rest of the way home... and the trip that normally takes 1 hour and 15 took 3 and a half....

14 January 2009


I blame this post on Sandy -- had she not reminded me I had an account here, I probably wouldn't be doing this right now.  

Anyway, I'm still waiting on everything.  Washtenaw, Michigan, Vegas, everything seems to be on hold and it's starting to drive me up the wall somewhat.  I know that everything was delayed to to the holidays, but still -- come on people, some of us want a life eventually!

And it's a very strange feeling not being in school right now.  It's liberating, and yet, disturbing.  That's probably why I've been on my reading/philosophy-ing kick lately.  Something to keep my mind from slipping whilst I keep working at... well... a very evil place (to say the least.)  

So yes, waiting is becoming more of a chore than anything else, but I 'spose that the rewards of my patience are going to be worthwhile -- hopefully.  Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.  A good thing from remembering I had this also popped into my mind -- I can blog my trip to Vegas.  Not that anyone reads this damned thing, but I guess posterity is always a good thing.

...because, if it wasn't for your posterity, you wouldn't be very comfortable sitting down. :-P

30 October 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Hmm.  If one were to be in a place to decide whether to go to the school closest and most valued to go and do something crazy and unexpected, then that person should have to have my name.  Everyone who knows me well enough knows that I've always, always, always wanted to go to UMich in my good 'ol hometown 'o Ann Arbor.  But now -- I'm not entirely sure that's what's going to be best.

UNLV -- roughly 2k miles away.  Other side of the country, pretty much seems like a lovely alternative for multiple valid reasons, it's just the idea of everything that I'd be leaving is somewhat difficult to stomach.  

And though I'm not technically accepted to either place yet, I think that I've already made up my mind....  We shall have to see where I end up (and though I realize that still no one is reading this, I mention it all the same.)

It may be time for a change of scenery.  In fact, I'm almost positive that it is.

30 April 2008

My bran!

And so now I realize my brain has to have some damage -amage, -amage, -amage....  Normal brains don't function this way: they work normally.  Me, I'm going through memories ranging from Frank Sinatra lyrics to the last time I took a stats test, which I think was about eight hours ago.

So this is something wrong, seriously wrong with my brain.  Or bran.  Or both.  Both are somewhat grey and mushy, so I guess they're more similar than the president would believe.  Of ocourse, he's not really an expert on brains, not having one and all.

And I mean the president of Zanizbar, whoever it is, of course.  But I digress.

So I'm not normal: I can live with that.  I wouldn't want to be completely normal.  Were I normal, I wouldn't be crazy, and if I weren't crazy, I'd be normal.  See the problems there?  Normal isn't fun.  Abnormality is fun, and the thing I'll always remember from my dealings in the world of mathematics is that Math is really a form of Sadism, whether they know it or not.

But we'd best keep that info on the down low, yo.

In other news, I'm pretty much done with Winter (yes, frickin' WINTER semester) and have not but a speech test left, which will be pretty much like getting wet in Lake Ontario.  And should I decide to try and up my Psych grade -- I can go 'bout that as well.  The only thing that really, really matters is that I make the Dean's List.  I'm not too worried, but there's always that damned Murphy and his "law."  Granted, by that reasoning, my grades will be in one folder carried by one person and that person will walk down the staircase currently under construction, fall, get impaled on some sort of instrument and bleed all over the only copy of my grades, thereby making me repeat the semester at my own cost.

...that would suck, so I'm going to leave and find some wood to knock on....

29 April 2008

Starting off...

Upon realization that I've actually had this blog for a relatively long time now (and have yet to use it,) I have come to the idea to actually utilize something that I have at my disposal.  So this shall be the new home of me.

My thoughts (fragmented and crazy as they are), my stories (supposedly funny as some have said), and anything else that I can express through words to whomever may read it.

So to any and all who are reading this, have read this, or shall read it in the future, allow me to say this to you: this shall be truly what I am and nothing else.  There shall be no filler, no fluff, and no bullshit convoluting this small blog, and so long as I have lungs in my air and stomachs in my food, I shall stand by that creed.

(...and um, strike that -- reverse it.)